Philosophy Cabin

at The Hoxton Cabin, Kingsland Street, London E2 8DP

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6:15pm -7:30pm

Join us downstairs at the Hoxton Cabin in our new Friday slot for an hour and a half of live, in the moment philosophy. Bring your questions, your creativity and your enquiring minds to dig deep into a topic that we will choose on the night.

Why Philosophy?

Philosophy is a way of thinking about general and fundamental questions, such as those about ethics, thought, time, meaning, value, existence, reason, knowledge, mind and language.
Every meeting we choose a question which only philosophy can address. From the familiar like “What is a good life?” or “How do we tell reality from illusion?” to the less familiar: “Does my dog love me?”, “Is it okay to kill zombies?” The questions are decided together on the night from your suggestions. It all depends on you.

The aim is to forge a better understanding of our own natures and our world together. Its also to simply enjoy the excitement and stimulation of dancing with ideas. Philosophy for Philosophy’s sake.
Dogs welcome.


Here’s a story about the history of Pub Philosophy in the Hackney Gazette

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